Ghanaian couple trying new style on their roof end up with injuries as the roof collapses on them, sad video drops

A video purported to have originated from the Ghanaian landscape of social media saw the sad end of two adventurous lovers.

The duo wildy on heat impulsively decided to try out a new sekz style that will consolidate their burning desire.

The video which was filmed by themselves opens with the man whose manhood was hard as a rock carried the woman in his strong arms while she reached for the roof.

Apparently, the lady had to hold the wooden bar that supports the roof and is suspended across the upper part of the room.

Once she can grab the bar, the guy will then start thrusting from beneath and their adventure will be complete and which could have potentially entered the ‘sex hall of fame’ if they had pulled it off.

But that wasn’t to be after the roof came crashing down on them. It was a huge antic climax aside from the seeming disaster.

Watch the video below;

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