“COVID-19 Isn’t Spiritual; It Is Beyond Your Village People”-Mary Remmy Njoku Tells People

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Nigerian actress Mary Remy Njoku has admonished people to ensure that people know their status should they, unfortunately, contract the coronavirus.

According to her, it is not spiritual and that no village people can impose the disease on anybody.

Mary Remy Njoku added that it is imperative to let others know you have had the virus or are still battling with it, as telling others about your status will not decrease your chances of recovering from it.

“Corona isn’t spiritual, it is beyond your village people.

So don’t be afraid to let people know you had or still have it.

Save lives!” Mary Remy Njoku wrote on her Instagram page.”

Given the stigma around the virus, it is somewhat difficult for a person who has tested positive to open up to other people because of the fear of being ostracised.

But for Mary Remy Njoku, people have to muster the courage to let people know their status.

She believes that telling people about it would not in any way reduce your chances of getting better.

Below is the post by Mary Remy Njoku on her Instagram page



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