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Liberian Artists Cralorboi Cic exudes this potent and desirable energy as he is all business. While he knows he is at the top of the game in his sphere, the possibilities that opened for him even in the past years have reasserted and reinvigorated him to conquer more global spaces and put on for his country even further.


His latest work “Pon It” has managed to set a new record becoming the first Liberian song to top ITunes Chart for more than 3 consecutive days.

CIC feels like a TOP NOTCH more than anything, yet even with that responsibility, he has his 2 album coming up, Abody of work that signifies relief.

He has garnered a certain level of security in his process so even as he stretches his reach, his core foundation allows him to thrive musically in a pocket he has already mastered. ‘Local Champion’sounds not only like CIC is the Best in his country but is on top of the mountain to conquer other African territories.

Two weeks ago CIC released his first song off his upcoming Album and you hear a calm, even in his most dark tones, you feel an urge to dance, and every time he sings you still hear remnants of his guttural center. The purpose of his latest seems to be to prove he knows exactly who he is and what you want from him.

Switching his sound whiles maintaining his Koloqua (Breaking English) shows his ability to display the Liberian Culture to the world with in the shortest time possible.

CIC has won a total of seventeen local awards which includes 4 times Artist of the year from different award schemes in the country.

He is currently having the biggest tune in Liberia dubbed “Pon It” which has amass huge numbers on both Audiomack and iTunes and other screening platforms.

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