AMG Ceo and musician, Criss Waddle has acquired a new toy to had to his fleet of cars and he’s so excited about it.

The CEO of AMG, the record label Medikal is signed under has bought for himself a new G-Wagon and it has a 2018 number plate which suggests he bought it not long ago.

Criss Waddle already owns an Audi RS 5, Range Rover, Benz, a Chevrolet Camaro and now he has a G-Wagon.

The Cars Criss Waddle Owns

Criss Waddle had mentioned that he was going to add another luxurious car to his fleet of cars and he’s finally done it. He posted a picture of him standing by the G-Wagon on Instagram.

He captioned the post:

“I heard empty barrels make the most noise; so let’s all assume I’m an empty barrel, now can u still hear the noise of my new G wagon pls? AMGBUSINESS.”

Criss Waddle G-wagon

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