Criss Waddle Clears The Air About Standing For A Parliamentary Seat And His Political Ambition

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Ceo of AMG music, Criss Waddle has finally reacted and cleared the air about his political ambitions and a flyer which was circulating on social media few days ago.

A flyer which had a Photo of the AMG boss, standing for a parliamentary seat was all over social media few days ago which got many believing because of how celebrities have ventured into politics in recent times.

However this is not the case of Criss Waddle as he comes out to clear the air about the design which circulated on social media, suggesting who wanted to stand as an MP for the CPP.

The rapper made it clear in a press release that he had no intentions of getting into that area, debunking the rumor and clearing the air that he has no political ambitions as well.

Press release below;

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