Criss Waddle Will Definitely Live ‘Large’ When He’s Very Old & Wants You To Do The Same (+Screenshot)

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Rapper Criss Waddle has been passing some profound comments lately on his social media handles to inspire his followers especially now that he’s not doing active music.

In a latest post, the AMG business boss has urged Ghanaians to invest in a business which is sustainable and can cater for them when they very old and can no longer work. According to the Bie Gya hit maker, when you are young, it’s essential to build a solid business which will ensure that you have a backbone when your body becomes weak and can no longer move.

“I warn you my brother, Nature does not smile on old men who did not cater for their old age when they were young. My brother build businesses that will feed you in your old age, Build friendship and goodwill that will serve you in your old age.”

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“Old age could be very lonely and cruel for men who refused to plan for it, May you not become a liability on your children., May your children not wish you early death when they can’t manage you again in ur old age..Poor old man is a Nasty or Salty old man, Rich old man is a sugar Daddy, Never forget the difference,” he wrote in his post.

See below;

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