“Cry When You Want To, And Stop Forming Hard Guy”, Ubi Franklin Admonishes Men

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Some men have the penchant for playing the hard guy even when they are dying. Ubi Franklin believes it’s time to let the hard guy out of the window.

According to him men should just stop forming the hard guy and cry out when they have to.

Given that some men live with so many problems that they won’t want anyone to be in the know of, and hence keep them to their chest, Ubi Franklin’s call is one to pay attention to as some end up wasting their lives playing the hard guy.

Sometimes putting the hard guy status aside and crying out attracts support from people who truly care.

For Ubi, you just have to cry when you have to and also talk to someone when you want to.

“Dear Men,
Stop forming hard guy, cry when you want to and talk to someone when you have to,” he charged.

For him as a man, he stated he has decided never to hide what he feels and won’t shy away from talking about his fears just because people would ask if he is not a man.

He stated further that many are afraid to speak up and the pressure builds up silently and this according to him, and rightly so, leads to depression.

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