Curly Head Monty: Biography, social media, girlfriend

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Curly Head Monty is a young American Musical act that is shaping up to be the next big thing in American music; he is a multi-talented rapper, dancer, social media influencer, and aspiring model/actor.

With unique comedy, music, pranks, challenges, and dancing videos, Curly Mony provides content on his YouTube channel and other social media accounts that would make you glued on them.

Still relatively young, Curly Monty is being monitored by his very supportive family as his career takes off.

It has been widely reported that his mother is the one that manages his ever-growing YouTube channel whiles he concentrates on creating the content the people want.

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With Curly Monty going on at this rate, it won’t be long that he will become a very famous personality if he isn’t already.

Curly Monty Head Biography

Curly Head Monty
Curly Head | Source: YouTube

Curly Monty was born on March 1, 2006, in New York, USA.

The 14-year-old grew up with his five siblings; three elder brothers and two sisters. His sisters are called Daiiibabyyy and Lyric Thomas.

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At just 15 years of age, Curly Monty is already performing wonders.

In this era of social media where everyone can thrive with creating content for the people to enjoy, some people aren’t taking advantage of it but for young Head, it is the way to go.

Curly Head Monty attends a junior school in his local area.

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He became famous because of the solo and group dance videos he posted on social media.

He dances with his friends and siblings.

One of Monty’s popular videos is a clip of him dancing to the Pipe It Down song.

The young man’s YouTube channel is so captivating that in less than a year, he gained thousands of subscribers, likes, and views. The world appears to be in love with Curly Head Monty for his interesting TikTok reactions, Fortnite pranks, TV commercial pranks, and challenges on YouTube.

Curly Head Monty girlfriend

Curly Head Monty
Curly and his girlfriend | Source: Pinterest

At fifteen, does Curly Monty have a girlfriend? Well, he does, seemingly.

Monty dated Taniah before Katie.

The two young people have a joint Instagram page, @officialmontyandmylove, and YouTube account OfficialMonty&Katie 1.

Their Instagram page has a little over 598k followers, while the YouTube account is already hitting 189k subscribers.

Curly Monty and his girlfriend use the channel to educate the younger generation on how to handle romantic relationships to avoid ruining their future for the sake of love.

They also enlighten people about the beauty of maintaining caring and loving family relationships.

Curly Head Monty net worth

Curly head monty
Curly Head | Source: TG Time

Curly Head Monty is already a big name out there, if not, no one would bother about his net worth.

As it stands, his net worth is of concern to people out there who want to know how much the young man is worth.

Hard work pays, they say; it is glaringly clear that Curly Head Monty has been working so hard, so how much did he get paid for the hard work that he is putting into his young career? We will find out.

As fr as we know, the social media influencer lives a luxurious life.

He has not declared his net worth, but he earns a fortune from Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube.

YouTube statistics show that Monty makes more than $300k per month.

Curly Head Monty biography

Curly head monty
Curly Monty | Source: Stargab

Below is a summary of Curly Head Monty profile that includes all his social media accounts where he is also very active doing his thing:

Full name: Curly Head Monty

Date of birth: March 1, 2006

Age: 15 years

Career: Rapper, dancer, social media influencer, aspiring model/actor

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Jamaican

Facebook: Curlyhead Monty

Instagram: curlyheadmonty

Twitter: @curlyhead_monty

Tiktok: curlyheadymonty

YouTube: CurlyHead Monty




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