Current gospel musicians are more vigilant and smarter than the old folks – Bro Sammy

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Bro Sammy

Gospel in its etymological sense means Good News.Thus, the propagation of the life, ministry, death and resurrection of the acclaimed leader of the Christian faith, Jesus Christ.

Therefore, artistes who pride themselves as gospel musicians are expected to propagate and spread the Good News at the expense of anything especially in reference to materialism.

But it looks like gospel musician Bro Sammy thinks otherwise. To his best knowledge, being a gospel musician doesn’t mean one should live and die a pauper, the case of old gospel musicians.

Speaking to DJ Roar, host of ShowbiZ Council on Kessben FM,  in a virtual interview on Saturday, October 26, 2019, gospel musician Bro Sammy made it emphatic that contemporary gospel musicians are more vigilant and smarter than the old folks.

Bro Sammy noted that  the old folks failed to make good use of their music talent to attract the necessary monetary gains as compared to the current crop or musicians not excluding himself. 

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Again, Bro. Sammy in the same interview advised the public to dump the erroneous perception that  gospel musicians should perform for free because they’re promoting the good news. To him, even the Bible is sold to Christians, the reason they can’t run gospel music as NGO.

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