‘Your Current Songs Are Meaningless And Useless’- Choirmaster Tells Praye

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Praye used to be a very vibrant and formidable music group until individual differences tore them apart. Upon insistent calls from their fans to reunite, the group came back again but without Choirmaster, the leader.

And now, Choirmaster has revealed the reason why he doesn’t want to be part of the group and why he has not made any headway since he became a solo artiste. In a lengthy post on social media, Choirmaster detailed the dirty schemes of his former members, saying they have been trying to suppress his shine and go further to attack them for being ‘susupons.’

In fact, he literally washed Praye’s dirty linen in public and it’s really intriguing things have taken this dramatic turn.


Here’s what he wrote:

PRAYE PRAYE PRAYE!!! its sad that u hate me so much but u want us to work together. My post on the 1st of January about forgiveness was harmless n didn’t deserve such response n attack. Did u say i make derogatory statements about the group? Can u remind me thru which medium or at what point? I’v been trying so hard to move on since u kente left the group and when it didnt go well for u, you started spreading lies about Big J and i and unfortunately Ghanaians believed u and never accepted us as Praye so we had to go our seperate ways.

Since then i’v been working hard on my music career n i can boast of good songs i have released but for your sabotage and susupon i havnt gotten where i deserve to be. Shame on u enemies of progress. U guys are two,they say two heads are better than one, which songs can u boast of coming from u two apart from the Praye songs u still ridding on? Songs that i single handedly wrote and even wrote some of your verses…… ANGELINA,WODIN,JACKET,WONKOAA etc . I’v been quiet all these years cos i thought we were brothers n am too matured to expose our dirty linen just cos we are nomore together.

Do u want us to talk about your vices that disgraced all of us everytime, no lets not go there. Did u say that i want to come back To the group? As what? Your donkey to come and do all the work again? How many times have u begged my management for us to sit n talk which i always refused cos u always paint me black to the world and when we finally did how productive was that meeting? U hv lost it. Grow up guys..I think you need to Shut up!!! Be matured, Humble and Let’s work Together Ghana needs us…#Doubleup#yourgroupleaderistalking ???? ????


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