Cynthia Of Daughters Of Glorious Fame And Her Daughters Give A Heartwarming Acapella(Video)

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Cynthia of Daughters of Glorious Jesus fame which happens to be a legendary gospel group and one of the best gospel groups, has given a heart warming accapella together with her lovely daughters.

The gospel group, Daughters of Glorious Jesus have been in the music scene for two decades now and can still rock the stage and even out shine current crop of gospel musicians.

Cynthia who happens to be one of the members of the group, has blessed the internet with a video of her and her daughters doing a heartwarming accapella of one of their songs.

The gospel group have many hits which still moves people till date when it is played. Cynthia and her daughters gave many chills when they began singing.

The harmony and the richness of their voices was just heavenly and touching, not talk of their mood and facial expressions which showed how deep they felt the song they were singing.

video below;


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