Dɔggy style can give you stroke – Health expert warns

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It has been discovered by medical professionals that both men and women are at risk for stroke if they engage in sexual activity while in the doggie position.

A young health specialist, speaking with Kafui Dey on GTV, revealed that bending during sex increases the risk of spinal injury for women.

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He went on to say that whereas women suffer from chronic back pain, males often suffer from strokes during sexual activity.

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When a guy hits a lady from behind, more blood is pumped to her heart, he said.

The expert, counselling couples on the ideal position to stick to, recommended the missionary as the finest position for both men and women.

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Read the full statement below:

“There are certain positions that cause more damage to the spine. Positions like the doggy, in fact, the doggy is not good for the lady. The lady will have to bend on her waist, which will put more strain on the waist.

“With the man, when you are doing this activity, it is equivalent to running around a 5000-kilometre marathon, it’s very long, and it’s not a small journey. So you see, you have to be standing and when standing, the blood flow to the active parts is higher.

“When you are engaged in sexual activities, blood flow to the penis is also very, very, important. That means the heart pumps more blood to the penis and to the legs which can in a way give you a stroke.

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“In the middle of the doggy, you can get a stroke. The position we advocate for is possibly the missionary but then others will say ‘Ohhh that’s not fun to experience’ and that is the best way to have sex.”


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