D Black Releases His Latest Music Video, ‘Red Card’ And That Scene Is Not Soo Funny

d-black red card

Yep, this is the first music video from D-black in the year 2015. The music video titled “Red Card” is the latest single from the hip pop artiste.

We love the scenes from the video, picture quality is very great, but we don’t know the sort of humour they wanted to create by showing one fat woman with a pestle and a big fat as* chasing one short man. Maybe, they just wanted us to laugh at it, but seriously we didn’t even smirk at all. [review]

All in all, it’s a great music video and we have our own score for it in our review section. We might be doing a deep analysis on it later on here on Ghbase.com. In the meantime, watch the video above and share your sentiments on it with us in the comments box below.


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