Daddy Lumba has fortified himself in the spiritual realms reason he’s unstoppable – Bishop Ajagurajah

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Bishop Ajagurajah has disclosed that the majority of singers and key individuals in the nation seek his presence in order to get protection from their adversaries.

During an interview on Hitz FM, Ajagurajah claimed that any public figure who does not seek spiritual protection against their adversaries runs the risk of seeing their careers go down the drain as a result.

He disclosed that the likes of Shatta Wale and Daddy Lumba have been unstoppable and unbreakable in the music scene because they have spiritually guarded themselves against all uncertainties and the plots of their enemies.

This has enabled them to remain unbreakable and unstoppable in the music scene.

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He bemoaned the fact that the majority of people make light of their spirituality, and as a result, they wind up having their lives, professions, and relationships ripped away and ruined by their adversaries who work in the same industry as them.

Ajagurajah also disclosed the fact that the Highlife legend Charles Kwadwo Fosu, also known as Daddy Lumba, has flourished and been successful in all of his dealings pertaining to his music because he has strengthened himself in the spiritual realms.

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As a result, anyone who dares him will have their career destroyed.

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