Dana Hyde children : Does Dana Hyde have kids?

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Dana Hyde death has raised many eyebrows with many asking questions about his family life. In this Article, we will talk exclusively about Dana Hyde Children as well as other major aspects you should know about her.

Who is Dana Hyde

Dana Hyde is an American Personality who hails from Cabin John, Maryland, United States of America. She was born in the year 1947 and was 55 years old before her ultimate death. 

Dana Hyde gained public popularity for her work as an adjunct consultant for the Aspen Institute, a think tank with headquarters in Washington.

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Dana also worked in Several Political Positions in the United States. She was chosen as a special assistant in the White House during the Clinton administration.

Before gaining that position, former president Barack Obama also named her CEO of Millennium Challenge Corporation.

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Dana Hyde however lost her life after the business jet she was flying in hit severe turbulence in New England.

Dana Hyde Children 

Dana Hyde was married to Jonathan and together they gave birth to two children namely Elijah and Judah.

Unfortunately, No details have been shared by Dana Hyde about her Children Elijah and Judah aside their names.


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