Da’Naia : Who is Derrick Janx Wife ?

Derrick Janx Wife = Da’Naia

Derrick Janx Wife and Relationship status

The self acclaimed relationship and romance expert got married in January 2018 to Da’Naia Broadus. Before the official marriage, They had a daughter named Morley. She was born in October 2016 later after marriage they had another daughter again.

In 2020, Derrick Janx’s marriage became shattered as a result of infidelity. This claim of cheating was backed by the claims of two women confessing they had an affair with Derrick. Derrick Janx wife filled a divorce suit against him. Da’Naia filed for divorce on August 28, 2020.

He never denied the infidelity claims to both his subscribers on YouTube and his wife. He then post a video confessing he has been cheating on his wife with many women but later deleted the video.

After Derrick talked to Da’Naia, she gets to know that he has a total change in his mentality and agreed to come back to him. And made it clear that she has forgiven him his sins.

Who is Derrick Janx?

Derrick Janx is a well known YouTuber born On the 20th day of July 1989, in Yonkers, New York. He spent his formative years in Enterprise, Alabama where He grew up with his five siblings.

Though their mother raised them alone as a result of broken home, he became famous today. Derrick Janx revealed her mother has overcome a life threatening illness when he was growing up.

Her mother’s illness didn’t stop her from engaging in her multiple jobs. This act motivates and encourage little Derrick to excel in life with determination.

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His Educational Background 

Derrick Janx joined Tuskegee University, College of Business and Information Science , where he pursue his undergraduate studies. he successfully graduated with Bachelor of Science degree in 2012.

He founded a non-profit mentor ship group for teenagers while studying in the university. When it comes to sports, Derrick can never be left out. He worn many National football champions. He was also a passionate community leader.
Derrick Janx And his wife
Derrick Jamx and his wife


The social media star began his career as a blogger with a small personal blog site. Soon, he became popular and gain recognition in many ways, like clinching a position in the Fortune 500 corporate America.

Derrick is also a prolific author who produced more than seven books. In 2913, he launched his first debut novel, A Cheating Man’s Heart. The book received much support from his fans and boast a top ratings on Amazon. Later in 2015 and 2010, he launched his second and third editions of the book respectively. His self help titled “Don’t Forget Your Crown” was published in 2018.

It also gain the attention of many people leading to the high sell of the book. Some other books written by Derrick are; I Still Want It, I Still Deserve It, Single Mother’s Are For Crown Men Only, and I’ve Come Too Far amongst others.

On December 27th 2010, the star began a YouTube channel which has over 706k subscribers. His relationship and romance videos he posted on his YouTube channel boast more than 110 million views.

Derrick is also active on Instagram and has over 1 million followers. He pronounced himself as romance and relationship expert and a motivational speaker.

Derrick Janx Net Worth

As an author and YouTuber, he is estimated to earn $ 134.5k each year and has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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