The Dancehall King, Shatta Wale Wore A FAKE Adidas Hoodie In “BieGya” Music Video

Just yesterday, the dancehall king, Shatta Wale released the music video for the controversial song “Bie Gya” as promised.  The king loves to get things done quickly.

I must say, I prefer Shatta’s version of Bie Gya and was really looking forward to the music video. In my honest opinion, the music video didn’t meet my expectations and it might owe to the fact, that they were in a hurry to get the video ready, but does not take away my admiration for the song.

Just few hours, after the video for “Bie Gya” had dropped, there’s a huge debate as to whether Shatta Wale was wearing an ORIGINAL Adidas hoodie or not.

From observations made by, we realized, he was wearing the fake version of ADIDAS and for a such a big artiste like Shatta Wale, we were really surprised why he opted for a fake version of the hoodie which costs less that 30ghc on the market.

We know for a fact that, Hajia4Real is Shatta’s current stylist and is responsible for the artiste’s image. Did Hajia4Real do a bad job or she wasn’t simply consulted on this one?

See below pictures of Shatta Wale in the FAKE Adidas hoodie. The picture are

shatta wale
When Zoomed In, you see the fake one
From his own Instagram account
You see the FAKE all over

This is the ORIGINAL!

This is what the original looks like. Spot the difference now?
This is what the original looks like. Spot the difference now?


Anyways, let’s BIE Gya. Watch the music video below


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