Dancehall Mathematician – Shatta Wale Displays His Mathematics Skills He Never Used, Finding X

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One of Ghana’s favorite entertainers and dancehall act Shatta Wale has got people laughing once again with the comedy side of him.

Shatta Wale undoubtedly is a real entertainer, in the studio, on stage and even off stage where he displays his comedy skills from time to time.

A latest video of him trying to solve X in a mathematics equation has got many laughing once again. In the video the dancehall act is seen seriously battling with the Maths question trying to solve the equation which he had no idea on how to go about it.

After his funny comments and gestures trying the solve the question, the dancehall act finally gave up on it and asked his favorite question, how is he going to use that in real life.

Video below;


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Can someone help @shattawalenima solve this maths to find (x) ?? @shattawalenima is a whole mood😂😂😂😂

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