Daniel Ezra Age: How Old Is The British Actor?

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He is a young and well sought-after British actor who didn’t have any interest in acting until he turned 18 years old; now a man and well-refined to make choices, what is Daniel Ezra age?

In this article, we talk about the age of the British actor who has Jamaican roots. He is now very populra and well-sought-after for his acting prowess, this is someone who didn’t discover his love for acting until he became an adult.

That is a big deal becase many of these powerhouse actors and actresses will often tell you they started acting at very young ages, but for Daniel, he did not have any interest in the fiel of acting.

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Before we delve into Daniel Ezra age to see how old he is, it is important to see who the young British actor is.


Daniel Ezra height

Daniel Ezra is a British actor and filmmaker best known for his portrayal as Spencer James on All American. Ezra was born in the English city of Birmingham.

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His parents are from Jamaica.

He was a huge fan of Harry Potter, Philip Pullman’s books, and The Lord of the Rings when he was little.

He grew up playing basketball but gave up the sport when he decided to pursue acting. Daniel went to Great Barr School in Great Barr, Birmingham, which is now known as Fortis Academy.

Daniel grew up playing basketball but gave up the sport when he decided to pursue acting.

What is Daniel Ezra age?

Daniel Ezra Career

Daniel Ezra

Daniel Ezra didn’t make up his mind to start an acting career till he was 18. For his stage portrayal as Sebastian in Twelfth Night, Ezra was nominated for an Ian Charleson Award.

Following his cinematic debut in the 2014 television film Murdered by My Boyfriend, Ezra began appearing in BBC series such as Undercover and The Missing.

In 2018, Ezra got a recurring role in the British fantasy drama A Discovery of Witches.

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In March 2018, Ezra was cast in a leading role in the American sports drama series All American, marking his American acting debut and requiring him to mimic an American accent.

After realizing he had been considered for the role, Daniel spent as much time as he could in South Central Los Angeles, bringing a football with him everywhere in order to help perfect his accent and learn about the local culture. Because Ezra’s favorite rapper, Nipsey Hussle, is from Crenshaw, the setting for the program, he studied every song and interview of Nipsey Hussle to enhance his American accent.

He has now discovered himself and living a dream he didn’t know existed. What is Daniel Ezra age now?

Daniel Ezra Age

He was born in Birmingham, England, on December 15, 1991, that makes Daniel Ezra age 31 years of age.

Daniel Ezra TV Shows

Daniel Ezra

Now that we know Daniel Ezra age, we can move on to other things. What are the Daniel Ezra TV shows that have made him popular?

He has been in several films and is currently a member of the cast of the CW football drama television series All American, in which he plays Spencer James.

A Discovery of Witches (2018), Blood Cells (2014), Murdered by My Boyfriend (2014), The Missing (2016), Prey (2014), Vera (2015), No Offense (2015), and Undercover (2016) are some of Daniel Ezra’s other well-known TV programs.

That is the wrap on Daniel Ezra age and other relevant information about him.


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