My songs won’t die anytime soon, especially ‘Je M’appelle’- Darkovibves

Darkovibes has claimed recently that the vast tunes he churns out are evergreen and won’t fade into oblivion, probably unlike other mainstream songs that ‘expire’ in a few months’ time.

The Ghanaian singer who teamed up with Nigeria’s Davido on the song ‘Je M’appelle’ also says that particular track will linger on forever because he did that song with a special kind of vibe.

He made this bold proclamation on 3Music TV’s Big Conversation in a recent interview. He also said his previous bangers like Tomorrow, Stay Woke, and Inna Song will equally resonate with his fans for a long time.

“I think Je M’appelle is that kind of song that is never going to die.” He intimated that there was a sense of nostalgic feeling brought onto songs like Tomorrow, Stay Woke and Inna Song. When I recorded those songs, they gave me nostalgic vibes and memories…Je M’appelle is here to stay,” the singer said proudly.


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