Darling In The Franxx: What Anime Is Zero Two From

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Zero Two which is also known as Code:002 is a fictional Japanese television series character and the most prominent character. She is an artificially-created life form who wishes to become a human one day. Zero Two is known for addressing Hiro (the protagonist in the series). But what anime is zero two from? Keep reading as I give you more details.

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What Anime Is Zero Two From

Zero Two is a fictional Japanese anime character who is also known as Code:002 in the television series Darling in the Franxx which is made by A-1 Pictures, Trigger, and CloverWorks.

What Is Zero Two’s Real Age?

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Zero Two’s real age is not revealed throughout the show. The character is always happy when she is near her Hiro. In the series, she lives and dies with him. The two seem to be resurrected again later in the movie.

Zero Two Real Name

After being introduced to Hiro, he asked for a name to call her but was given no answer. So, Hiro thought of naming her “Oni” then “Zero Two”. However, Hiro later decided to name her “Zero Two”.

Facts About Zero Two

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The following are some of the facts about the character “Zero Two”.

  • She was originally designed with Black Hair.
  • Zero Two is the tallest in the squad.
  • Hiro and Zero Two have past memories which were hidden from them.


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