Darren Benitez Age: How Old Was He Before Death

His death caused a lot of pain to people, and while some people want to know about his death, others want to know how old he was before his death. So what was Darren Benitez age before his death?

In this report, as we tell you about his death, who he was, and what he did when he was alive, we will also let you know how old he was at the time of his death.

What do you know about Darren Benitez?

What caused his death? We will get to know all these things as this article wears on.

Kindly read to the end to find out what Darren Benitez age was when he died.

Darren Benitez Death

Before we delve into the details of Darren Benitez age, let’s learn about his sad demise.

It is not the best news to bring to you, but I guess you would want to know how your favorite singer died.

Clifford “Darren” Benitez was discovered dead in his flat on Thursday night, according to police sources.

The last time he spoke with Benitez, according to one of his friends, was early on Tuesday night.

Later that night, a neighbor reported to police that he heard Benitez’s car departing and saw people entering and exiting the apartment building.

According to police, Benitez’s automobile was involved in an accident hours later, and the occupants fled the scene.

Police have designated his death as an unattended death for the time being.

The Honolulu medical examiner’s office announced on Friday night that although an autopsy was performed, the cause and manner of Benitez’s death have not yet been disclosed.

What was Darren Benitez age? We will find out later on.

Shannon Scott, a radio broadcaster and DJ, a longtime friend of Benitez, expressed his shock at hearing of his death.

Scott said: “I mean it was just heartbreaking. And one thing after another. Good friend Bill Sapolu — Honolulu’s finest and A Touch of Gold — just passed away this past week. Maui, and then now this, and it’s just one thing after another and it’s like, oh my gosh, is just heartbreaking especially when it’s not your time.”

To Scott, Darren Benitez smile is what he will miss about him.

“You know, so many things I think, probably the most would be other than his smile, when you see him and stuff like that. Always happy. Every time I saw him, he was always happy. Of course his music. His music because it touched so many people.”

Darren Benitez Age: How Old Was He Before His Death?

The well-known Hawaiian singer and musician died suddenly on August 11, 2023. Darren Benitez age was said to be 57 before his death.

His significant impact on Hawaiian entertainment has had a long-lasting effect on the sector.

The Hawaiian music scene and Darren Benitez’s admirers are in a state of mourning despite the fact that the cause of his death is still unknown.

He was living in Makaha Valley, Hawaii, even though his hometown was Halawa, Hawaii, at the time of his death.

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Due to his family’s extensive musical background, Darren was surrounded by music while growing up.

His early love of singing was encouraged by the fact that his mother, uncles, and other family members were skilled performers.

He had a sister named Sheryl Sanchez McKeague, an uncle named Stan Washington, and cousins named Yolanda Bottomley, Cloryssa Ann Richbow, Laura Benitez Bloom, Darrell Bloom, and Duane Kakakanui.

Darren Benitez age was 57 when he died, and you would think that he still had more to offer, but he has sadly passed away.

Career Beginnings

Darren Benitez rose to prominence among established Hawaiian musicians and enjoyed quick success during his whole career.

He achieved a significant milestone in 1988 when he won a music competition at the Jubilee nightclub.

He continued to perform with Uncle Johnny at the Merry Monarch Festival in the 1990s, solidifying his commitment to his trade.

On August 11, 2023, Darren Benitez’s abrupt demise was verified by fellow Hawaiian artist Amy Hanaialii, however, the particular cause of his death is still unknown.

She described her sorrow and appreciation for his amazing voice in her heartfelt remembrance, mentioning how it would always warmly welcome her with the phrase “Aloha Babes.”


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