Date Rush Is A Scam – Man Exp0ses Date Rush ‘Fine Boy’ Raymond For Already Having Two Girlfriends

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Date Rush, a reality show that has become popular in recent times has automatically become a show to watch every Sunday evening.

The concept of the show has to do with single guys and girls coming to find love and dates on live TV, after going through some few protocols.

Date Rush has given social media a buzz or something to talk about every week since the Ignatius and Freelove incident on the show.

Yesterday a fine gentleman by name Raymond came on the show and swept of the feet of the ladies with his looks and fashion sense.

Raymond successfully got a date on the show but today, someone who knows him in real life has come out to reveal the young man is already in two relationships.


According to the man with the info, Raymond is in two relationships already and even finding it hard to choose one.

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