Dating a broke white guy is better than dating a rich African guy” – Lady

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A young lady has sparked a conversation on social media after she asserted that it is better to settle for a broke white guy than an African man who is rich.

According to the young lady who is a university student, she doesn’t want to have anything to do with any African guy in terms of dating.

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The young lady is of the opinion that most men in the part of Africa are less mature and unrefined. She further added that they also lack the honesty and skills to treat and keep a woman. According to the young lady, she prefers dating a white guy to a black guy for her sanity.

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“African guys are not honest; they may not like you but still want to take you on a cruise.” A white guy does not do that. “African guys will just want to eat you,” she said.

“I would rather date a poor white guy than marry a rich African guy,” she said.

According to reports, her boyfriend is a half-caste, and she has never accepted a proposal from any of the African guys on campus. She refuted the claim that she was being racist.

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