“Dating A Guy Under 25 Years Is A Waste Of Time”-Lady Says

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A lady has sparked some debate on the bird app with her assertion that one would be wasting their time dating a guy who is just under 25 years old.

She is of the view that the relationship will eventually end as those under 25 do not appear to have marriage in mind.

According to her, they just think about sex and vibes and nothing else in the area of spending a lifetime with the girls they are dating.

She added that what they do at the age, is to engage in fantasy and preoccupying their minds with all the things that guys do.

Dating an under 25 man is wasting your time the relationship will end(must), it’s just sex and vibes. They’re not even thinking about marriage, they just want to smoke weed and dance palliative dance,” she said.

At that age, a man is expected to be mature enough to know what is good for them but it is also true that some guys at the age do not show any maturity, what they do is to just fantasize around and wasting away their lives.

It is a waste of time dating such guys if your goal is for your relationship with them to end up in marriage ultimately. You get frustrated and end up being depressed.

See screenshot of her post on Twitter;

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