David Gold daughter: Who is Jacqueline Gold, What is her net worth

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David Gold is known as a British businessman who owns West Ham United and used to be the chairman of Birmingham City Football club.

The British sports fraternity is obviously delighted with his service as he was a lifelong West Ham supporter and also dedicated 12 years of his life as the Chairman of Birmingham City.

Unfortunately, on January 4th, 2023, David Gold passed away in the morning at the age of 86 years old after a short illness.

Who is David Gold’s daughter, Jacqueline

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Jacqueline Gold is one of the two children of David Gold born in Bromley, Kent England on July 16th, 1960.

The late businessman has two children Jacqueline and Vanessa as they both grew up in a lavish home at Biggin Hill, Kent.

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Jacqueline is walking in the footsteps of his father because she’s also a businesswoman and also serves as the current CEO of Golf Group International, Knickerbox, and Ann Summer

Jacqueline net worth

She is ranked the 16th wealthiest woman in Great Britain as she has an estimated net worth of £470 million


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