David Laid Biography, YouTube and Net Worth

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David Laid Age = 24 Years old

What is David Laid age?

David Laid was born on the 29th day of January 1998 making him 24 years old as of 2022.

Who is David Laid?

David Laid was born in Estonia, a Baltic country situated on the border of Latvia and Russia. An unfortunate incident hit Davis when he was As young as the age of two, his father passed away through a gory accident that occurred at the harbor.

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His Father was the bread winner of the house and after his sad demise, Life begun to get tough for them. This was where his mother quickly decided to relocate them to the US in search of greener pastures. David together with his two siblings lived in New Jersey where he had his high school education at Mainland Regional High school.

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Due to his tragic experience of live at very tender age, he grew up to have a skinny and very tall stature. He was the target of bullying and have a very low self esteem. When he was 14, he was diagnosed with scoliosis but eventually manage to avoid serious consequences of the disorder with an effective physical training. Because of his disorder, he quit his hockey playing to concentrate on training.

David Laid
David Laid During training session

At the time, David Was accused of using steroids. They based their accusations on one of his interviews on the use of steroids where he licked his mouth twice and tries to defend the steroid users saying that a person that used it should not be condemn as a bad person. Moreover his half natty hoodie at the Arnord classic expo, make people thought that he is into steroids or he took low doses. But it is never true because one can have David’s stature without being a user of steroids.

David Laid YouTube 

After sharing his physical transformation on YouTube titled “David Laid 28 months transformation 14-15 year old” on 13th December 2013, he became famous on the Internet. Later on, he shared a video on his transformation titled,” David Laid 3 year transformation 14-17. The video was share on the 14th August 2015 and ha been his most popular video with 26 million views.

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Some popular videos of David on Youtube are Training To Become an IFBB PRO, Chest Workout For Consistent Growth, NEW Favorite Chest Workout, Breaking PR’s, Steve Cook Vs David Laid,Chest & Back, Arm Wrestling Showdown, and more. Besides this, he has launched two popular training programs Euphoria Pre Workout and 9 Week Training Plan for a perfect body.

He has over 620k subscribers within six years. Davis is also quickly racing for the 1 million followers milestone on Instagram.

David Laid Net Worth 

David Laid has an estimated Net Worth  $1m. He made this income through modeling, commercials, brand endorsements, and fitness coaching. 

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