David Tepper Wife; Who Is Nicole Bronish?

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It is quite surprising that very accomplished people are not able to hold their marriages together as most get divorced multiple times. After his 2016 divorce from his wife (Marlene Tepper 1986-2016) of some three decades, the American billionaire married again, three years later, so who is David Tepper wife, Nicole Bronish?

It makes you wonder if money or material things are just enough to keep a couple together; it is not clear why so many accomplished people do not have successful marriages. Today, we take a look at the life of the billionaire’s latest wife, Nicole Bronish and how life has been for the.

Before we explore the life of David Tepper wife, Nicole Bronish, let’s take some minutes to digest the profile of the American billionaire; who is David Tepper?

David Tepper Wife; Biography of David

David Tepper wife
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American billionaire hedge fund manager David Alan Tepper is from New York. He is the proprietor of Charlotte FC of Major League Soccer and the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League.

Appaloosa Management, a global hedge fund with headquarters in Miami Beach, Florida, was founded and is run by Tepper.

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On September 11, 1957, Tepper was born. He is the second child born to accountant Harry and elementary school teacher Roberta.

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s East End, in the Stanton Heights neighbourhood, he grew up in a Jewish household. Where is David Tepper wife from and where did she meet David?

Tepper’s Educational Background

He attended Peabody High School in the East Liberty section of Pittsburgh before enrolling at the University of Pittsburgh while earning money at the Frick Fine Arts Library. He finished with honours and earned a Bachelor of Arts in economics.

David Tepper economics background has propelled him into a very accomplished businessman. We could spend the whole day digesting his career but this is about his wife and not about him, entirely.

His business mind is not limited to just one field as he has also ventured into sports where he owns teams such as Carolina Panthers and Charlotte FC. So who is David Tepper wife?

David Tepper Wife, Nicole Bronish

David Tepper Wife

Before marrying Nicole Bronish in 2019, he had been married before.

He wed Marlene Tepper in 1986; the couple has three kids: Brian, Randi, and Casey. He and his wife got divorced in 2016. He wed Nicole Bronish in 2019 following a protracted romance.

So who is Nicole Bronish, David Tepper wife?

Nicole Bronish Tepper is highly recognized for being the spouse of well-known American businessman David Tepper.

The day and year of Nicole’s birth are still unknown. Therefore, we do not yet know the age of David Tepper’s stunning wife.

David’s spouse has no established career. This is because she never mentioned her occupation or professional background.

However, it’s possible that she has a career that she wishes to hide from the public. She frequently appeared with her husband while David performed his professional obligations.

After their 2019 marriage, David Tepper wife is yet to give birth to any children but the couple gets along so well and is taking good care of David’s three children from his first marriage to Marlene Tepper.

In this article, we took a look at the life of David Tepper wife as well as who David Tepper is and what he does.


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