Davido paid millions to hang out with Wizkid – Uche Maduagwu alleges

Nollywood actor, Uche Maduagwu has stirred up controversy once again by alleging that Davido paid a huge sum to spend time with Grammy-winning artist Wizkid.

During a recent episode of the show Trends and Bants, hosted by comedian Deeone, Alexis, and Uche Maduagwu, the comedian referred to Davido as a “Clout Chaser.” Uche Maduagwu, although a fan of Davido, agreed with Deeone’s statement.

When asked why he believed Davido was a clout chaser, the actor recalled an instance when the Afrobeat superstar hung out with Wizkid. Uche revealed that Davido had paid a significant amount, which remains undisclosed, just to have that hangout session with Wizkid. Uche then boldly challenged Davido to deny ever paying Wizkid for their time together.

He said: “I like Davido but he is a clout-chaser. Recently, they said he hung out with Wizkid. Did you know how much he paid to hang out with Wizkid? Everybody pays to hang out with Wizkid. Davido paid millions of naira to hang out with Wizkid. I am serious. Can Davido come out to say he never paid to hang out with him?”


Wizkid and Davido caused quite a stir in the media when they were seen together at a popular nightclub in Lagos. The news of their reunion made waves, especially considering their long-standing rivalry in the music industry.

Just a few weeks ago, in December 2023, the two Afrobeat icons were spotted at an event called Evenintheday, where they were seen standing side by side with Zlatan, joyfully dancing to Davido’s hit track “Champion Song.” It’s truly heartwarming to see Wizkid and Davido bury the hatchet and come together after all these years of animosity.

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