Dbanj and his wife are expecting another son soon

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In June last year, Nigerian musician, D’banj lost his one year old son after he drowned. It was a very sad period for the musician and his wife.

In an interview on Beat FM, he recalled how the situation broke him to the extent that he had to go for therapy.

“First, I want to thank everyone out there who has supported us, but the truth is in everything we do we need to give thanks to God and more importantly, I believe it is God who granted me the grace and mercy over my family and my wife to be able to be here today. It’s not something you wish for your worst enemy. To lose a child is not something you think about, and I have never though about it before. “, said Dbanj

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He made a song titled ‘Mo Cover Eh’ for his wife to appreciate and encourage her. The Kokomaster, Dbanj never stopped trusting in God. In most cases, celebrities do not believe in God so to lose a child would even make matters worse but he still didn’t let go.

D’banj and his wife, Lineo
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Dbanj and his wife, Lineo are welcoming another boy soon. It’s extremely amazing to know that his joy has been restored in a year.


Watch his interview


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