Deaf Uber driver warms heart as he leaves gratifying note for his passengers in his car

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A note left by a deaf man who drives an Uber car for his passengers is one of the coolest things you will possibly come across on the internet today. 

The unnamed man who obviously wants to ensure a harmonious relationship with his passengers because of his handicap made things convenient by spelling out some simple rules and how they can effectively communicate with him during their journey.

One of his passengers who fell in love with his modesty captured the image of the note and shared it on social media. See below;

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In other news, a lady identified on Twitter as @AsiMthembu has his emotions running in the opposite direction after the man she was seriously crushing on turned out to be a taxi driver.

Apparently, a cabman does not fit into her specs bracket so questioned what could be wrong with her life as nothing seems to work. She shared her predicament saying;

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”My life is so boring my crush is a f*cking taxi driver… What is the problem with me”

”I am not trying to build a man here.

”So how do I approach this matter?”

See reactions to her post below;

@Spiritedsoul9; He doesn’t bite. Find the story behind him being a taxi driver, you might be shocked he’s actually “achieved” more than you “assume” based on his current job. Just maybe, don’t judge him harshly yet

@kool_kaptain; My dad went from a taxi driver to a taxi boss. As a smart lady like you, you can help him rethink his life and plans. My mom did that and we came out fine

@Original_Stan; I’m failing to understand whats wrong with being a taxi driver. People are going to miss out on really good men because of this… N you might find out that, its only temporary, this is why “Acrimony ” was such a hit

@SeapointO; …It’s an honest job & stressful & maybe if you & this 1 go out, he will become calmer & drive only 100kl/h & we will have 1 less crazy taxi driver on our roads…!!! Love always wins!

@Nemza007; He works as a taxi driver, but that doesn’t define who he is…. He’s still a man!

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