Dear KKD If One Corner Dance Is ‘Foolishness’ Then Supporting Your GAY Son Is Equally ‘Foolishness’ To The Highest Degree

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Ace Ghanaian broadcaster KKD had described the ‘One Corner’ dance as ‘foolishness’ when several videos of people dancing to the song went viral on the internet, shooting the singer of the song, Patapaa into fame.

KKD had said in an interview with Peace Fm’s Akwasi Aboagye that the ‘One Corner dance’ is foolishness and finds it hard to understand why any reasonable person would dance in that manner.

He said;

“For me I think it is foolishness! Certain things happen and nobody is able to speak frankly about it. Tell you what, my sibling of mine will dance to this, and even if any of my family members decide to do this one corner dance, their father or their mother will call and ask are you foolish or you are mad?”. 

When host Kwasi Aboagye asked why he thinks it is foolishness, KKD said, “If it is not foolishness then what is it? If people shake their buttocks and roll on the floor and share on social media and it is not foolishness, then what is it? It is either madness or sickness. I think sometimes we should be bold enough to say things just the way they are. I am not saying this out of anger, jealousy or with any hard feelings but I insist it is foolishness”.

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When news of his son accepting being gay was published on several online portals after his son spoke about his sexuality in a write up he published on, KKD in a long write up on Facebook revealed that he supports his son’s decision of being gay and spoke about how much he loved him.

In the write up he put up, which you can read here, KKD questioned Ghanaians who had a problem with his son being gay if his son’s sexuality was the reason why they find themselves in their present state.

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In essence, KKD seems to imply or suggest that, whether his son is gay or not has no effect on your life and would not in anyway affect your life either positively or negatively.

That we can say is true but this is the same man, who felt he could also have an opinion about a particular dance that did not have any ‘bearing’ on his life or that of his family.

Based on the same rationale that KKD felt ‘One Corner dance’ was foolishness and hence anyone who danced to the song was ‘foolish’ as it didn’t make sense to him, he should come to the understanding that, it annoys majority of Ghanaians as to why any ‘reasonable’ human being would decide to have a relationship with the same sex.

We don’t have a problem with KKD supporting his son but if he had the guts to describe those who danced ‘One Corner’ as ‘FOOLISH’ then it’s safe to say that, he’s also exhibiting ‘Foolishness‘ by supporting his son’s awkward sexual preference and asking Ghanaians to mind their business since it does not affect their lives in any way.

Dear KKD, how did ‘One Corner Dance’ affect your life or that of your family? Please, allow Ghanaians to express their disgust at your son’s choice. They equally have the right to do so just like how you had the right to describe ‘One Corner dance’ as foolishness.



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