Death Is Better Than Being A Single Lady – Nigerian Rapper

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Death Is Better Than Being A Single Lady – Nigerian Rapper

Nigerian rapper Tipsy Enupo has bemoaned how disdainful single ladies are seen and treated in Nigeria and in many African settings.

According to her, society always sees single ladies in a different light. When you are single, it simply means you don’t need to have anything of your own.

Citing practical situations ladies face in Nigeria, Tipsy concluded that to be dead is better than being alive and being served with all the name-calling and mental and physical harassments all because you are single.

In Nigeria, it is hard for single ladies to rent a place…because they are deemed irresponsible by some landlords… In Nigeria, single ladies will be tested for drugs before marriage… In Nigeria, when a single lady has a car, property and she’s getting it… there are questions regarding her source of wealth.

At this point… death is better than being a single lady in Nigeria. Bunch of backward people. Spits,” she wrote.



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