Debbie Wahlberg: Story Of Mark Wahlberg’s Late Sister

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Debbie Wahlberg, Mark Wahlberg’s Late Sister and one of the many popular people from the Wahlbergs, brought sorrow to the family with her passing on the day Mark was celebrating his daughter.

When misfortune hits, it does so very hard and that was what the Wahlbergs learned in 2003 when Debbie passed away.

It has been many years since she passed away but the Wahlbergs and many other people, particularly their fans, still remember her with fondness as with any other member of the Wahlberg family–such was the influence of the Wahlberg family as they entertained the masses with their shows on TV.

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Today, in this article, we look at the inside story and the life of Mark Wahlberg’s late sister, Debbie Walhberg.

Who was Debbie Wahlberg, Mark Wahlberg’s late sister?

Mark Wahlberg's Late Sister

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Debbie was the sister of American actor, producer, director and rapper Mark Wahlberg.

She was born Deborah Ellen Wahlberg

She was one of the 9 children born to Alma Elaine, who was a bank clerk, and her husband, Donald Edmond Wahlberg, who was a former delivery driver.

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Debbie, Mark Wahlberg’s late sister was born on the 8th July 1960 in Dorchester, Boston, Massachusetts and she grew up in a large family.

Debbie’s father is of Irish and Swedish descent, while her mother belongs to English, Irish and French Canadian ancestry.

While growing up, Debbie’s parents separated and as a result, she had to share her time between two parents.

Mark Wahlberg’s late sister was popular mainly because of her links to the Wahlbergs.

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Debbie Wahlberg’s siblings

The Wahlbergs is a very large family, as such, Debbie has a lot of siblings.

The late Debbie had eleven siblings, three sisters and eight brothers.

They include Tracey, Mitchelle, Donna, Buddy, Arthur, Jim, Robert, Mark, Donnie, Paul, and Scott.

Most of the Wahlbergs are in the entertainment industry.

She also has several nephews and nieces, including Oscar, Jeff, Brendan, Xavier, Elijah Hendrix, Ethan, Michael, Ella, Grace, Charlie, and Madison.

Debbie Wahlberg death

Debbie Wahlberg

Debbie Wahlberg death was a tragedy to the family.

Debbie Wahlberg death occurred on September 2, 2003.

The sad passing of Mark Wahlberg’s late sister coincided with the birth of Mark’s first child.

Mark describes the day as being the best day (for the birth of his first child) and the worst day (Debbie’s death) of his life when news broke of his sister’s passing.

Her death was reportedly a result of a heart attack and septic shock during a procedure to treat a suspected kidney stone at Boston Hospital.

She was 43 when she passed away.

According to her obituary, she is described as a loving mother, sister, and daughter.

The family keeps her picture in remembrance.

Watch some movies of Mark, Debbie’s brother and the most popular member of the family:


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