Deborah Vanessa Kicks Ahouf3 Patri Out In The Latest & Funniest Skit From Kalybos

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Kalybos just knows how to make even a serial killer laugh each time they watch his adventurous videos.  Everyone knows Kalybos and each and every time, we yearn fro a brand new episode from him.

Surprisingly, this is something pretty different from all the other episodes we have watched. Normally, the funny adventurous videos features Kalybos and the girl he tries so hard to impress always, Ahoufe Patri. There were some of the episodes different girls were used too in making of those episodes other than Ahoufe Patri.

In this new episode, Deborah Vanessa, tv host, and model was actually the one who replaced Ahouf3 Patri, and that was pretty unsual. We at GHBase.Com had suspected, that Deborah Vanessa was planning something with Kalybos when we spotted them eating ice cream at Shakes N Flavours.

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Deborah Vanessa, who had watched the short funny videos of Kalybos, admired his creativity and sense of humour and has since been watching all of his videos just like several people do out of total admiration.

Ghbase.Com has learnt that, Ahoufe Patri has not been kicked out, but the producers just wanted to add some flare to the production and thus when Deborah Vanessa volunteered to act in the now famous “adventures of Kalybos” they felt it was a great idea.

This video is indeed funny and i doff my heart to the producer and his crew for doing an excellent job. We are hoping that, soon they will introduce other celebrities in their subsequent episodes!

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