Deezhair Has Come To Stay; Dorothy Fofie, CEO Of The Women Hair Brand Celebrates One Year Anniversary

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Women beauty and hair brand, Deezhair is celebrating its one year anniversary. Deezhair run and operated by Dorothy Fofie has become a successful business and for the past one year has successfully served happy customers in the UK and around the world

For the past year, deezhair has worked to make a name for themselves by offering everything hair from customized handmade wigs, luxurious 8A virgin human hair extensions and more.

Dorothy Fofie also known as Darrie Fordson, owner of Deezhair UK, continues striving to provide clients with quality services that facilitate a connection from the hair which obviously transcends to boost client’s confidence —Deezhair believes “allowing women to experience the versatility, flexibility, and security of wig life, without compromising on style and comfort.”

Dorothy Fofie aka Darrie Fordson, CEO of Deezhair UK rocking a deezhair
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Darrie-led Deezhair is able to create wigs suitable for all occasions.


Currently, Deezhair offers unique and personalized services for clients, including customized handmade wigs and luxurious 8A virgin human hair extensions.

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Notable people she has styled

Darrie had an inkling she could create something so much more valuable: for people across all walks of life to appreciate.No matter who or whom or where you are — you are duly served.

Ruth in Deezhair

Her reflective innovation and techniques and the ability to capture the latest trend are unparalleled.


Television presenter and show host, Deloris Frimpong Manso alias Delay rocking Deezhair on set in one of her interviews

Check this out

Delay in Deezhair
Delay rocking Deezhair in style
Berla Mundi
TV presenter Berla Mundi in a deezhair
Berla in Deezhair
Actress Gifty Asante
Ghanaian actress Gifty Asante in Deezhair
Ghanaian actress Gifty Asante flaunting deezhair

Model Sharon Smity

Model Sharon Smity in Deezhair
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To clients and supporters, Deezhair cannot thank you enough. That, it gets to have a place in your lives is a privilege. Thank you for coming on this journey with us, and hope for many more years together!

And take a look at this customer satisfaction review of a deezhair product.


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