Delay & Ohemaa Woyeje’s beef: How one stole the other’s shito business idea

A social media user has explained why Ohemaa Woyeje has such a hard time tolerating Delay and constantly attacks her.

The internet user claims that the animosity began when Delay entered the shito industry after Ohemaa Woyeje had already done so.

In a recent interview, Woyeje once again addressed her feud with Delay.

In the stated interview, Ohemaa Woyeje termed Delay false and a hater. She used memories from their time at Top Radio together to demonstrate how jealous Delay had been of her from the beginning.

She was also annoyed because, during her appearance on the Delay Show, Delay pretended not to know her.

According to a Reddit user responding to Woyeje’s claim, Delay taking credit for Ohemaa Woyeje’s shito business idea is what sparked the hostility.

“You people won’t understand. Part from her hate for delay is as a result of delay starting the shito business,not long after her interview with delay,delay introduced her shito business,Ohemaa commented under the shito post that eii Delay,so you are coming to compete with us on the shito side too,she said it jokingly but chale,I could feel a bit of hurt,” the fan wrote.

Watch Woyeje destroy Delay below.



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