Demonstration Over Daasebre Gyamenah’s Second Funeral

A group of people who call themselves Friends of Daasebre Gyamenah are demonstrating today, March 25 at Koforidua against the decision by the late musician’s maternal family to put an injunction on the second funeral the paternal family has planned to organise in Koforidua to celebrate Daasebre’s death.


Members of the group speaking to Mike 2 on Adom FM during their demonstration stated that they cannot fathom why mother side of the “Kooko” singer will decide to stop them from organising the funeral when they allowed them to do theirs in 2016. According to them, they (mother side) have no right to put court injunction on the funeral coming off on April Fool’s Day.


A member of the group who gave his name as Kwasi Daniel said, “they want to tell us they are serious but we are more serious than them. We allowed them to organise the funeral last year so if they want to stop the father side from organising theirs then we will demonstrate against them. They don’t have power to stop us.”


Daasebre’s drummer also accused one Agyapong and his sister Cynthia of masterminding the plot to stop the partenal family from organising the funeral come April 1 at Koforidua. He asked them to stop their evildoing because they didn’t fight them when they took the dead body away last year to bury it in Central Region.


Assembly Man Agya Kwasi who organised the demonstration against the maternal side also had something to say against plans to stop the Koforidua funeral.


“I heard Daasebre’s mother side are stopping the funeral we want to have in Koforidua so I went to his father to ask if it is indeed true. The father confirmed it but added that they have not had a letter from them to that effect so the funeral is happening on April 1” the angry assembly man told Mike 2 on Adom FM entertainment show.


Daasebre reportedly succumbed to a heart attack at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra on Friday, July 29, 2016.




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