Denise Dowse coma: What happened to Denise Dowse?

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American actress Denise Dowse, popularly known for playing Mrs Teasley in the teen drama “Beverly Hills, 90210,” is battling acute meningitis in the hospital and is currently in a coma, according to her sister’s Instagram post.

Denise Dowse, photo credit: Denis Dowse official Instagram account

Denise Dowse Sister, Tracey Dowse

According to Dowse’s sister Tracey Dowse, the coma was not artificially induced, therefore doctors are unsure of when the 64-year-old will awaken.

“As many of you are aware, I like to keep to myself. This is challenging for me. I ask for your support and prayers for my sister and myself,  as well as for the rest of my immediate family. “She is a young,  talented performer and director who has a bright future. We appreciate your thoughts, prayers,  and support very much.” Tracy said on her Instagram page.

Meningitis Description By Mayo Clinic 

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Meningitis is described by the Mayo Clinic as an inflammation of the membranes and fluid around the brain and spinal cord. According to their website, the majority of cases in the United States are brought on by “a viral infection, but bacterial, parasitic, and fungal infections are other culprits.” While certain conditions are life-threatening and necessitate urgent antibiotic therapy,  others can improve without medication in a few of weeks.

Denise Dowse Co Star Ian Zeiring

In a remark on the article,Dowse’s “90210” co-star Ian Ziering expressed his “prayers and hopes for brigher days ahead.” In the CBS drama series “The Guardian,” Judge Rebecca Damsen is a character played by Dowse. “The Resident” and “Grey’s Anatomy” are two further television credits.

Denise Dowse Career

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She most recently portrayed Dr. Rhonda Pine in the HBO drama “Insecure,” whose final season ended in December.

Additionally,  Dowse has acted in movies including “Reign Over Me,” “Starship Troopers,” “Bio-Dome,” and “Pleasantville.”Remember Me: The Mahalia Jackson Story,” starring Ledisi, Corbin Bleu,  Keith David, and Vanessa Williams,  was another movie that Dowse directed. Mahalia Jackson is a gospel singer and activist the movie has not yet been released.

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