Dermot Mulroney Biography, Career, Age, Wife, Net Worth

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Dermot Mulroney is an American actor known for his roles in several romantic comedy, western, and drama films. He made his debut in 1986 and has featured in movies like Young Guns, Staying Together, The Purge, Shameless and many others. In this post, we will discuss Dermot Mulroney’s Biography, Career, Age, Wife, Net Worth and a lot of issues surrounding his life. Keep reading to find out more.

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Dermot Mulroney Biography

Mulroney was born in Alexandria, Virginia. He was born to Michael Mulroney (law professor) and Ellen (theatre actress). Mulroney was not born alone. He has other siblings namely Coner, Sean, Kieran and Moira. Dermot attended Matthew Maury Elementary School. He then finished his 9th and 10th grades at George Washington High School. From there he graduated from Northwestern University where he studied communications in 1985.

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Whiles in college, Mulroney had the chance to audition for a role. He was offered a contract afterwards after landing the lead role for his debut film titled “Sin of Innocence”. A year after his debut, he also landed another role in the film “Daddy”. In “Daddy”, Mulroney played the boyfriend in a couple struggling with teenage parenthood. He also played another role in the movie “Unconquered”. In the list below, we will list some of the films and television shows he has been featured on.

Dermot Mulroney Movies


  • Sunset as Michael Alperin
  • Young Guns as Dirty Steve Stephens
  • Agent Game as Harris
  • The Cow as Nicholas
  • Along for the ride as Robert
  • Christmas is Cancelled as Jack Lockhart
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Television Shows

  • Daddy as Bobby
  • Sin of Innocence as Tim McGary
  • Friends as Gavin Mitchell
  • Secret Invasion as President Ritson
  • Messiah as President Young
  • Four Weddings and a funeral as Bryce Dylan

Who Is Dermot Mulroney Married To?

Mulroney has been married twice. He first married actress Catherine Keener in 1990 after they met in 1986 when filming “Survival Quest”. They had a son named Clyde Keener Mulroney. However, the couple later divorced after saying they were not compatible after having been married for 15 years. They divorced on 19 December 2007.

He later married Italian Prima Apollinaare in 2008. They have two daughters namely Mabel and Sally. The family currently lives in Los Angeles.

Is Dermot Mulroney Still Alive?

Dermot is very much alive today. He currently lives with his wife, Prima Apollinaare in Los Angeles.

Dermot Mulroney Net Worth

As an actor, Dermot has made income from his work since his debut in 1986. His estimated net worth is about $11 million.

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