Desist from impersonating me for money -Kuami Eugene warns lookalikes

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Kuami Eugene, the 2020 VGMA Artist of the Year, has told his impersonators to stop imitating him.

The multi-award-winning performer, has expressed his displeasure with look-alikes that mimic him for monetary gain.

According to the ‘Fire’ hitmaker, it’s great that young people want to be like him, but it’s a problem when individuals take advantage of this flattery for financial benefit.

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During an interview on YFM in Kumasi, Kuami Eugene warned such people. Eugene, a visual artist, stated that stealing other people’s work and intellectual property is illegal.

This is in response to a recent viral video of two impersonators playing KiDi and Kuami Eugene’s songs at a private gathering. The two males bore a strong similarity to the performers and had been dressed to match the artiste’s brand image.

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“It’s just beautiful to have almost every young boy growing up wanting to be like you. People want to sound like me, dress like me but the only problem is when people start going in for money and impersonate me. When someone goes out there to make money off your hard work or sweat, that’s when it’s illegal,” he stated.

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