‘Desperate’ woman goes down on her knees in mall and proposes to boyfriend, he accepts (Watch video)

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A lady who obviously could not wait to be the wife of her fiance subverted tradition when she bought a ring and proposed to her boyfriend at a mall, instead of the other way round.

The lady went down on her knees and while holding the sparkling ring firmly asked her man to marry her and without hesitation or perhaps to avoid any drama, the guy agreed.

In the video, curious onlookers who were present at the mall at that time swarmed around them to witness the romantic moment.

It was ultimately heartwarming when the guy accepted her proposal without garnishing it with a melodrama that is akin to this kind of template.

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In other news, a young lady has slammed women who go all the way out to please internet fraudsters, colloquially called sakawa boys in Ghana and yahoo Boys in Nigerian.

She blasted the ladies for choosing to cook for yahoo boys and take up other domestic duties while refusing to get a job simply because he gives them N5,000 weekly.

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The unnamed girl said it’s pathetic that modern ladies will reduce themselves to nothing because of money. In fact, she was not happy that women lose their worth and serve fraudsters just because of the small dividends meant for them.

Her sentiment has been captured in the video below;

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