Despite her disability, she defied all odds to become a lawyer – Story of Jennifer Nikoro

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Despite her disability, she defied all odds to become a lawyer - Story of Jennifer Nikoro

Jennifer Oghenewaire Nikoro is a young Nigerian lawyer who has inspired many across the globe with her unfettered determination to rise beyond her disability.

With a visible disability that impedes her from using her right hand, Jennifer had every reason to give up on her fine dream of defending the defenceless and speaking for the voiceless.

Jennifer describes herself as an inspirational and trailblazing Nigerian born Legal Practitioner, Arbitrator, Mediator, Public Speaker and Disability advocate.

Per her LinkedIn profile, Jennifer is Skilled in Human Right Law, Property Law, Intellectual property Law, Corporate Law, Sports Law, Labour and Employment Law, Entertainment Law, Business Law, Legal Consulting, Arbitration and Mediation.

She has set up the Life Beyond Disability Project which she uses to encourage other people in her situation who may be thinking of giving up and living an average life with their circumstances serving as an excuse.

Jennifer is currently an Associate Lawyer at DNL Partners where her role is representing clients in court, drafting legal documents, writing legal opinions, and gathering evidence that will be used during a trial.

She is also a Member of the Board of Advisors for Future of Additive Manufacturing in Africa and a Member of Board of Appeal of Classification at the International Paralympic Committee.

An inspiring story indeed! But her rise to the top has been a very rocky and unsteady and that is why upon completion of Law School, Jennifer Oghenewaire Nikoro wrote:

“The road to success surely isn’t a straight road sometimes especially for persons like us with Physical disability… but we choose to amidst obstacle.” 

Which certainly means no situation should determine the downward outcome of one’s life. Disability does not mean inability. Little is known about how she lost her fist but much is known about her sheer desire to succeed regardless.


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