Diamond and Silk husband: Is Lynette Hardaway married?

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Lynnette Hardaway is an American political commentator, blogger, and online personality who was born and raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

She is well-known for co-hosting “Diamond and Silk” on Newsmax TV with her sister Rochelle “Silk” Richardson.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, she rose to prominence when they started uploading videos on their Facebook page, “Diamond and Silk,” professing support for Trump and disparaging his opponents.

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The films quickly went viral, and the two quickly became well-known celebrities in the Trump campaign, often appearing at rallies and events.

She rose to prominence even more, constantly appearing on television and making speeches at events. She has been a divisive character, with some accusing her of disseminating disinformation and encouraging conspiracy theories.

Lynette Hardaway husband

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Lynnette Hardaway is an American Political Commentator, Blogger, and Online Personality, born and brought up in Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States of America.

She is widely known for hosting “Diamond and Silk” alongside her sister Rochelle “Silk” Richardson on Newsmax T.V.

She first gained attention during the 2016 presidential Campaign when they began posting videos on their Facebook page, “Diamond and Silk,” expressing support for Trump and criticizing his opponents.

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The videos went viral, and the duo became well-known figures in the Trump Campaign, often appearing at rallies and events.

She became even more prominent, frequently appearing on television and giving speeches at events. She has been a controversial figure, with some accusing them of spreading misinformation and promoting conspiracy theories.

Lynette Hardaway married

The Diamond and Silk sisters have not yet married. It is also unknown whether or not they have tied the knot.

Lynnette and Rochelle haven’t spoken anything about their relationship. The sisters look to be preoccupied with their own occupations.

Lynnette is presently unattached. Since 2013, she and her sister have worked as Church Health Missionaries for The Bridge Network of Churches. Given that both sisters are in their late 50s, predicting whether they will marry in the future is impossible.

They are American live-stream video bloggers, social media celebrities, political activists, and Fox Nation hosts. The couple is well-known for their remarks in favor of US President Donald Trump.




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