Diamond Appiah Comes For Delay, Says She Was Climbing Trees With Monkeys When She Was On Screen & More.

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It appears, a month cannot pass in Ghana without a celebrity attacking one celebrity. There is a new feud in town between Delay and Diamond Appiah.

Now for those of you who don’t know the genisis of this feud, I would let you in on it. Delay on one of her tv show “The Delay Show” reviewing photos from Diamond’s social media accounts, said “Diamond you play too much, as a musician what song have you sang lately, actress, when was the last time you featured in a movie, a philanthropist and when did you give any donation, C.E.O of Diamond Cosmetics, what kind of cosmetics, where is your office located?”

Delay continued; “Diamond Luxury cars, where is your garage. Diamond you play too much, you play way to much Diamond Appiah.”

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That episode was on on several blogs and it appears Diamond who later heard of it didn’t like how Delay attacked on her tv show, so took to her Facebook Page and has rained insults upon insults on Delay. Infact some of them are unprintable adjectives, but we have screenshots of that from her Facebook page.

Diamond said in a audio, that Delay was one “B” who goes about borrowing cars to show off. She also in her Facebook post said that Delay was climbing trees with monkeys at the time she was on Tv.

In replying to Delay’s question tha what movies has she been in another Facebook post , she implied that, if she had been opening her legs like what the other girls do for for movie roles, she would have been there and that she wants to work her way to success.

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See screenshots of her post from her Facebook page belowimage



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Diamond Appiah is an actress, musician and sells women’s cosmetics as well under the brand name Diamond Cosmetics.


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