Saturday, December 5, 2020

Diamond Platnumz Admits Cheating On His Baby Mama & Welcomes A Child With His Tanzanian Side Chick Model

So there were initial reports that Diamond Platnumz cheated on his girlfriend and baby mama, Zari Hassan but he denied the reports when it was published but has now come out to admit that he indeed cheated on Zari with  a model Hamisa Mobeto, who has now welcomed a son for him.

The girl she cheated with was a vixen in his ‘Salome’ music video and an affair happened that resulted in the pregnancy.

He has now come clean! Speaking during a radio interview today with popular Tanzanian show Leo Tena, Diamond admitted to being the father of the baby boy named Abdul Latif. He claimed that Zari was aware the whole time of what happened between him and Hamisa while she was busy taking care of her businesses in South Africa.

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Diamond Platnumz’s baby mama and girlfriend-Zari


Diamond alleged that he was able to explain to Zari and she was supportive of him, and his mother was the first to visit Hamisa after she gave birth.

“These things happen in life but the most important thing is how you deal with it as a man. There is no need of creating a war where there is none. Later on in life, the children will grow up together and they will be happy as a family.”

Diamond however accused his new babymama of using the situation to destroy his relationship with Zari. He claimed that they had an agreement that he would provide for the child and in return Mobetto would remain silent on the issue so as not to hurt Zari.

She however disagreed, even after he claims to have done everything possible to ensure the baby are well taken care off, Including buying her a new car and paying an allowance

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