Diamond Platnumz In Fresh Infidelity Storm! Miss Burundi 2012 Claims He’s The Father Of Her Twin Daughters

It appears Diamond Platnumz just likes to spill his milk without cleaning up. The musician’s name has come up again for infidelity just after  a week ago, after admitting to cheating behind his girlfriend with another video vixen known as Hamisa

The Tanzanian musician, Diamond Platnumz’s name has come up again in another allegation made by another woman from Burundi who claims she has  4-year-old twin girls with Diamond Platnumz.

This woman who is 24 years old and known as “honeyJesca” on Instagram claims she had a fling with Diamond Planumz when he went to Burundi to perform and she gave birth to the girls in 2013.

According to the woman who is a video vixen and appeared in Diamond Platnumz’s “Najuwa” which featured Burundian singer Lolilo, she had sex with Diamond in 2012 and they did that each time, he would visit Burundi.

Jesca, who shared on Instagram pictures of herself holding two young girls, says for those who do not believe her, she is ready to allow a test be conducted on the girls to prove that they are Diamond Platnumz’s children.


“The two girls are Diamond Platnumz’s children, whom he sired with me in 2013. I met him when he came to our country for a concert. After his performance, he asked one of his boys, whose nickname was Mafya, to direct me to a hotel room where he was. I went and met him. We got intimate,” she wrote.

“Since then, he has never given me any financial assistance. If he does not believe that the children are his, I am ready to let the children’s DNA samples be matched with his. I have not come out now to gain any fame. I am serious. What I am saying is the truth, and the truth always has a way of coming out.

“Please Diamond Platnumz, I have raised these children solely since the day they were born. It is now time for you to take them in and provide for them. I give up,” said Jesca.

Jesca says Diamond Platnumz’s mother, Sandra Sanura Kassim, is aware that her son had sired twins with her.

“Diamond Platnumz, please tell people the truth. Alternatively, send me airfare to come to Tanzania and conduct a DNA test on the children. Sandra Kassim, you know the truth; everything that transpired between your son and me.”

Jesca went ahead to share what looks like a private Instagram conversation between her and a sender, believed to be Diamond Platnumz, showing that Diamond Platnumz was ignoring her when she requested for money to support the children.


Jesca further accuses Diamond Platnumz’s partner, Zari Hassan, of hacking her Instagram page, which she says initially had 450, 000 followers, and deleted all her posts, which linked Diamond Platnumz to the paternity of her children.

Jesca alleges that Zari Hassan was her best friend until she (Jesca) got pregnant by Diamond, when their friendship ended.

Jesca says she will travel to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on Monday, September 25 to meet with Diamond Platnumz.