Did Lilwin Really Snatch Guru’s Girlfriend, Sandra Ababio From Him?

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Top Kay is back in the news again and it’s all about letting Lilwin’s cat out of the bag like he’s been doing all this while since their friendship ended. Top Kay used to a very good friend of of the comic actor until internal wrangling brought their friendship to an end.

Since then, the least opportunity the man who also believed to be a fetish priest gets, he has to badmouth Lilwin. He recently alleged Lilwin’s wife is a cheater hence the actor should conduct a DNA test to ascertain the paternity of the kids.

He also claimed Lilwin’s wife has been turned into a punching bag by the actor amongst other negative stuffs about the Kumawood actor.

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Just when we thought he has spilled enough beans, the man is here again with another wild allegations, saying that pretty actress Sandra Ababio, who was rapper Guru’s girlfriend, was snatched by Lilwin.

He said it all in the video you’re about to watch below;

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