Did Rapper Edem Marry Another Woman In A Private Ceremony?(Photos)

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Ghanaian rapper and the CEO of Volta Regime Music Group (VRMG)  Edem has gotten social media into a frenzy mood as he shares photos of his wedding.

In the photo, Edem is seen with a lady noticeably not his  wife getting married at a wedding ceremony. Edem stirs even more controversy with his caption, which reads: “New Beginnings. #EdemJudy2019”.

The mischievous post from Edem has stirred endless comments under the post from people who cannot believe what they’re seeing.

Obviously, since the rapper has been married for a long time to Stacy Hotor, and the couple have two kids together, the idea of him getting married again out of the blue is stirring consternation.

In the comment section, an agitated Peace Hyde wrote: “Chale don’t play with my emotions ooo!.” It’s highly likely the photos are from an upcoming music video but the rapper has gotten some people scared already with this stunt.


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