Did Sandra Ankobiah Expose Herself That Paedae Has Been Eating Her Biscuit All Along?

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There had been rumours that Tv presenter and Lawyer, Sandra Ankobiah is dating Paedae of R2Bees fame, but she has denied that story each time it comes up.

For how long did she think she was going to keep that away from the public? Unfortunately, they’ve exposed themselves on social media.

Just yesterday, Sandra posted a selfie and in the background, there is a couch and a dog. Now, Paedae also posted a selfie later and we see the same two main objects in the background of his photo, the dog and the couch.

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It couldn’t be just coincidental that they would have the same dog and couch and from what we could gather, they were indeed at the same place taking into account those objects in the background and the time they both posted the picture.

Couldn’t it be our eyes or  that we are over exaggerating? We don’t think, look in the background of Sandra’s couch again, there is a black socks! And who socks could it be.

See Both Photos Well Below

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[tie_slide] Stare Carefully |Sandra AnkobiahSandra-Ankobiah[/tie_slide]

[tie_slide] Stare Carefully | Paedae1-e1431517782460 [/tie_slide]

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They’ve been hooping each other down and hey, there is nothing wrong with it, they are both two matured adults.



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